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I can only feel gratitude towards the utmost excellence and concern she has shown during all my relocation process, not only giving good advice but also protecting my personal interests at all times. She is very committed, kind and effective. The whole process felt very comfortable thanks to her close yet professional attitude and her over-seeing attitude, not leaving any loose ends. I just felt it was appropriate to let you know how satisfied I am with the services provided by your company, by your employee.Sergio Víu
FO Merchandising Specialist Western Europe
adidas AG
Beim Umzug unserer sechsköpfigen Familie von Düsseldorf nach Erlangen haben wir vor allem Verlässlichkeit und Kompetenz von Barbara Hajduk Managed Relocation sehr geschätzt.
..und den Blumenstrauss während der turbulenten Umzugstage werden wir nicht vergessen.
Markus J. Steubing
Leiter der Filiale Nürnberg
Moving has been a pleasure since Barbara Hajduk took care of all nasty little details, such as finding a house, finding your way through German administration, and some more obstacles that usually pop up. Already her service orientation is accomodating, and she identifies your needs before you become aware of them. Don’t even start thinking of a relocation without Barbara Hajduk.
Yves Philippe Bloch & family
Nestlé Schöller GmbH & Co. KG
„As the months of my delegation pass, I am still appreciative of the small things that were arranged and organized by Barbara. The services she provides are much more than an apartment search or registration (Anmeldungs) assistance.She provided me with insight into how the systems in Germany work and how to easily navigate them. Those systematic differences were really some of the first cultural exposure a delegate recieves and she helped to insure that the transition was smooth. I had a feeling that I had somebody on my side that would help insure that the living arrangements were appropriate and the negotiation was fair. “Brian Gabler
Global Support Program Manager Siemens AG, A&D
„The team at Hajduk was excellent and we were very happy with the service we received from them. The whole experience from initially explaining how it works, organizing look and see trip, finding a house and buying cars was a pleasure. They made what could have been a stressful time for my family one big adventure which we thoroughly enjoyed. – Many thanks “Hendrik du Toit
Center of Excellence Retail – Systems & Processes
adidas AG